Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Baku to Orange County

I must be out of my mind...I knew that an adjustment would be necessary to cope with my emotions as I transitioned from nearly two years living and working in Azerbaijan to now beginning to live and work in one of the most opulent places in America, and likely the world...Orange County in southern California.
I have spend so much time along in the last two years surviving and thriving in Baku and now, I'm looking at doing the same thing here. But today, as I went to the market (Whole Food) for the first time....I was nearly brought to tears....the over the top abundance that is available to shoppers in the US is just CRAZY. I felt guilty and overwhelmed as I walked up and down the aisles...just staring. Granted the life style in OC is even over the top for my small rural Pennsylvania existence....but I've been a lot of places in the US...and geez....there is no comparison.
I guess I'll be in some form of post-shock status for a while....