Monday, June 8, 2009

What I am here for...I

On Monday evening I hosted a reception for the admitted Azeri students to meet each other and members of the ADA community. It turned out to be a nice event...15 of the admitted 16 students came. None of the 10 international (Kenya, Pakistan, Mexico, Czech Republic, Russia and Syria) students attended as I don't anticipate their arrival until closer to June 18th.

I've been hosting events for admitted students for nearly 30 of course, standing in front of them making remarks felt incredibly was completely different...and I think I'll treasure that for quite some time. Without bragging, but it's clear I've made an enormous impact on the country and the people in just a short time...but more important to me...I did this as Black American woman.....who is also a gender my students at Penn State would say...."Thanks Dean Austin, for representing"!!!


PS..Gosh, almost forgot two days before heading to London and the rendevous with Tammy and the kids...YAHOO!

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