Friday, June 18, 2010

Home in Pennsylvania for 9 more days

It is glorious to be home...Wegman's, Starbucks, Home Depot, Macy's..all joys of American consumerisum....I miss. It was a little crazy just before I left Baku...the Israelis storming the boats bound for Gaza, the demonstrations in Turkey and now the continuing strife and humanitaian diaster in Krygkstan..Uzbeks fleeing...the countries border include vast numbers of ethnic northern Iran there are 30 million Azerbaijan...the fear is something happens in Iran..they would flee to, me a situation the President Aliyev wouldn't want to happen. US Secretary Gates was in Baku last stroke the egos of the leaders since the think the US has been icing to them of late.
I will continue to enjoy my days here before heading bak on the 28th. Class will be starting for our new MA students....I hope to stay long enough to see them graduate in May 2011...starting to stress a bit about what I'll do when i return or think about other option still over seas.
I would love to write a book...several of them have been bubbling in me for some time now...

Have a nice June weekend.....Love to all janice

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