Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stilll home in the USA

Folks, thanks for checking in on my JaniceinBaku Blog....I have one more week home and I will be "back in Baku". I hear that the weather is, hot and 103 degrees...oh joy. I will be miserable when I return. As always it's been nice to be home surrounded by family, friends, and good ole American consumerism! Indeed, I'm glad to be out of Azerbaijan for a while given the everchanging political, etc. nature of that part of the world. Knowing what I now know, I have a great deal of understanding of what's happening in Kyrgyzstan and how nearly 100,000 ethnic Uzbekistans have been expelled from the second largest Kyrgyz city. I've mentioned before that in northern Iran there are 30 million ethnic Azeris, that's more than 3x the population of Azerbaijan......there remains enormous fear that if something happens in Iran, these ethnic Azeris will cross the border into Azerbaijan....and that would be a enormous humanitarian nightmare.....There are also about 300,000 Azeris in Georgia, where they constitute largest minority...Georgia is only about 3 million people. It is a really small country population wise and land mass wise...
I'll continue to eat salads at Wegmans, walk the aisle at WalMart, and sip lattes in Starbucks for a few more days!
Happy Summer!

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