Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heading out to the regions tomorrow

I'm joining a couple of colleagues for a weekend trip to a village, is about 4 hours northwest from Baku. It's reported to be a lovely, green town founded in the mid-1700's.
I hope to have some great pictures posted when I return...check back on Monday.

Have a great weekend....oh, did anyone hear Naomi Campbell's testimony at the Hague regarding the gift of diamonds she received. Regardless of her role, if any in the Blood Diamond trade that supported brutal wars in Liberia and Sierre Leone...but she was a reluctant witness clearly stating that she didn't want to be there...for fear of her family and "it's an inconvenience for me"....excuse me...sorta sounded like the BP executive..."I just want to get my life back to normal"....what are these folks smoking!

Oh, one more than..if you followed my post telling you to find the Time magazine cover of young Ashitani (the Afghani woman)...she left for the US today for reconstructive surgery...

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