Saturday, August 14, 2010

The walls inside the Khan's Palace

The Khan like many men of his time had a rooms for different the harem, one to entertain his male friends, and another for guests that he wanted to impress. The room for the women is decorated with flowers, trees, you know the nice stuff, the room for the male friends shows battle scenes including beheadings (which was popular in this time) and finally, the place to entertain guests that highlighted pictures of the coat of arms....I must admit the women's room was pretty boring...the battle scenes...well check them out...oh, right in addition to the heads on the ground...which are being presented as a gift to the Khan....the painting of the troops includes some rather dark faces...interesting given the population of the time 1700's ...might have been from Iran, or Turkey...who can be much darker than the Azerbaijanis

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