Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in Baku once again

After five fabulous weeks home in the US with trips to Southern Cal and Baton Rouge, I've just returned to Azerbaijan. I guess I'm starting to be on the downside of my time here...contract officially ends in February but I'm keeping my options open, though it is unlikely that I would extend my time beyond that.

Upon arriving in the Heydar A. airport..I immediately remembered how miserable cigarette smoke is when it just floats around you before being sucked into your lungs....and for some reason or other the Welcome mat that I've had in front of my apartment door for over a year was no where to be found. Not sure what that means...someone else wanted it or is welcome not a cool word here...what's eerie is that of the four apartments on my floor...currently mine is the only one occupied.
Welcome back to following my fleeting time in Baku!

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