Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi All...sorry for the diminished posts

I must be going through one of those periods again...always happens about 3-4 weeks after coming back from US...and I think it doesn't help that all of my multi-identities (American, woman, black, partnered, old --well maybe not too old, glasses wearing, grey hair, tall, easterner, home girl, etc., etc)...all of my identities have felt under siege at times here in Azerbaijan. It sometimes it is actually hard to be on the street...I just scream "F*** You, stop staring"...will I be forgiven at the Pearly Gates for such behavior...I hope so.
Plus, though nothing out of the usual has happened, I can definitely feel the restrictions on free speech, right to assemble and personal choice much so that I've become increasingly nervous about photo taking of buildings, etc...perhaps I subconsciously took all those photos of cats for that reason. It's eerie but I'm a strong I'll pull it together! Thanks for letting me vent...

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