Monday, May 24, 2010

Univeristy visitors...UMD and MSU

I don't know who is more surprised me or our visitors. There really aren't many fellow American citizens in Azerbaijan...I think there must be half dozen or so Peace Corp volunteers working in the regions (what they call the country side here)...thank goodes for President Kennedy...but you know there are not many Americans when you get an email from the US Embassy inviting all American citizens to "American Citizen's Day in Baku"...I get invited to official state department events...I can't believe I'll be out of the country when the event occurs in June...bummer. Oh, back to yes, last week two faculty members from Michigan State were at the Academy and today, six undergraduate students from the University of Maryland on a two-week summer abroad program were here...I'm always happy to hear the familiar sound of American-speak....and I think they are surprised to see me here...nonetheless, I would love to have some Milano cookies or Cold Stone Ice Cream...can't wait. I'm thinking I'll enjoy Prague this week.....leave on Thursday.

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