Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My boss

My boss is Hafiz Pasheyva, he's currently the Deputy Foreign Minister and Rector (their equivalent of President) of the Academy. By training he's a physicist but he was also first Ambassador to the USA. When the country gained its independence from USSR, he was appointed to the post back in 1991. Clinton was president and the Ambassador (he still addressed that way) talks about how arriving in DC...no one exactly knew where Azerbaijan was.

He's a very nice man...I like him and he is so well respected in the country. His father was a very famous writer so his family is well educated and very well connected. His niece is the current First Lady. I took this photo of him at an event at ADA last week. He is much darker than the typical Azerbaijan...I politely asked once...and it's not lost on people. I think his family is from southern Azerbaijan which is closer to Iran. Finally, him and I are really the only grey haired people at ADA...

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