Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy Day but only two more to go before heading to PA

In all the years that I've done admissions work, very seldom if at all, have I had the chance to interview candidates before admitting them...well, who would have guess I would have to be in Azerbaijan for this to happen. This week we (the Admissions Committee) are interviewing in person or via Skype about 45 candidates for our desired class of 25. The 45 are split between being Azeris or international's been a struggle for me to figure out the time zones based on GMT to call applicants in Ghana, Uganda, Krgystan, Moldova (all hell is breaking out there right now), Pakistan, Macedonia, and the Czech Republic. So many of the international students are quite capable of continuing their education in the US or the UK...but the cost and the possible lack of post-graduate employment is keeping them closer to home also the master's degree program is in Conflict Resolution and International Security so many want to help their own home land deal with the issues at hand.

It's unlikely that I'll post anymore before leaving on a 4am Lufthansa flight Saturday morning...flying through Frankfurt (a six hour layover..but it's nice airport) before landing in Dulles airport in northern VA.....Tammy is driving down to pick my's about a two hour drive from I'm sure we'll giggle all the way home.

Friends, thanks for checking in on me...and I will be back in Baku on April 24th...


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