Saturday, April 4, 2009

I think I've figured it out1

Okay, sorry no photos..but as I begin my fifth week in Baku...I've accepted the fact that I'm not in the USA.....and regardless how much one might complain about "the way things are in the States"'s all relative. Yes, in comparison to most other places in the former Soviet republics...trying naming all the 'stans...and you'll see what I in Azerbaijan is about as best as it can be for it's citizens and ex-pats like me.

I now have a place to get my haircut, a gym, several neighborhood grocery stores, a tattoo shop, an indian restaurant, a nike store, and a place to find english truth be could be worse.

At the school of Friday was a debate with several big wigs...including the AZ minister of finance, and it was fascinating as an American to sit and listen to them all point the finger at USA for being credit crazy and living larger than our means as a reason for the world's financial crisis....but inflation is very high here...since there is no credit market...but I understand "mortgages" are just starting...

I saw the first dark skinned person today I've seen in five weeks....she definitely looked African and she didn't even make eye contact with me...oh, well...

People in my building have started calling me Obama...when they see me...

'Til next time,

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