Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cable TV

Okay..each day I learn something about how business works here....and you can easily see why corruption (bribes, pay-offs, greasing the palm exists) otherwise it's nearly impossible to get things done.

The apartment has cable but I wanted to purchased the extended package so I could get CNN, ESPN, HBO...okay, I miss American TV. So a staffer and myself go to the BBTV (their large cable company)...I sign up for 110 channel package...27 Manats a months...or $32 USD. And since they don't send bills you have to go to the office to pay..I said "fine, I'll pay for three months in advance". Go home expecting to see all my trashy TV I left behind in PA..nothing..my staffer calls the cable company..they say it should be working but we'll send a cable guy. Heard that before, two days later the guy comes...he can't figure out why I don't have the 110 BBTV channels...he goes to the roof to look and comes back to tell me that another cable company is servicing the building and cut BBTV's cable...

Life in Baku...

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