Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday March 28th

Hooray, two big accomplishments...found a barber shop...and got a great haircut. I was a little cautious about heading into such a "male place"...even more male than any of the typical barbershops found back in the states...but luckily I got there super early so just one barber who was wielding a single straight edge on a guys whiskers...I was welcomed and told to sit..we just dealt with the language barrier...I got the best comb and scissors cut I've ever received! This guy, his name is Nevan, used scissors like I've never seen before...I have a barber for the next two years. I'll post a picture of him in a future post...since now everytime I walk past the shop (it's only three blocks from the apartment...all the barbers led by Nevan come out to greet me.

The second huge accomplishment...I walked to the Hyatt Hotel complex which includes a Park Hyatt Hotel too...treated myself to lunch ( a turkey breast pannini) and an expensive cup of is the most expensive commodity here..AND, read some Azeri papers that are published in English...This was a treat and I expect to do this regularly. The Hyatt is about 40 minute walk from the house.

The weather has finally changed...the sun appears to now stay out from about 10-3..then the fog and the wind comes in from the Caspian Sea....this reminds me so much of SF in that don't get caught without a heavy jacket is my motto now. Thank goodness I don't have long hair since it would look like this posted photo.

Tammy and I have had some great conversation this week and Sierra and Dakota have been texting me...I will actually be back in the states two weeks from today..Yippee...

Next time I'll talk about my job and how that's going...

Love to all!

Janice in Baku

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  1. Finding a barber in Baku reminds me of trying to find a barber in the Castro, before a friend took me to Divisadero and McAllister. Your experience at the barber sounds like fun.