Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When the President calls for holiday, it's a holiday


Starting on the March 20th until March 29th, in celebration of Novruz everything is closing here.

Novruz is traditional holiday dating back several thousand years and seems to be a combination of the Equinox, spring, ceremonial painted egg cracking (don't say Easter around here), planting of green things, and spring cleaning. Azeri's start small fires to jump over them to leave all troubles to burn...I like that...but I'm not leaping over burning logs just yet.

Tammy and I finally got to talk at length the other was good to hear her voice even if she was screaming at me. I'll take a scream over no conversation any day. My dad's eighty birthday is this weekend both my brothers will be with him..and I'm calling in to wish him well.

Here's a another apartment building...let's not discuss construction codes and seismic activity. I'm just pretending not to be worried but the country's rush to develop has comprised the safety of many projects. Let's say I've checked out the stairs and figure I can avoid the elevator and run down nine flights if necessary. I keep flashlights handy in all rooms.

Until next time....oh yeah, to make up for the holiday period...the next few Sunday's are official business days!

Peace out, Janice

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