Monday, March 30, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

So the clocks moved forward here on Sunday night...little did I know so I was late for work..oh well.

Speaking of how it's going...we have received just about 400 applications for the 25 or so seats in the inaugural first class of the School of International Affairs...most are from Azeri citizens..but the international pool is quite impressive representing countries like the Czech Republic, Mexico (who knew there is an active Azeribaijan embassy in Mexico City), Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Ethopia, Tanzania, Pakistan and Palestine. Imagine folks from these various countries all studying Security and Conflict will be quite amazing.

I did a interview for local TV today..hopefully, I can figure out what channel it airs on tonight. My admissions counselor/assistant/everything provided translation....Gunay Hashimova is wonderful....and it would not be easy to do this job without her assistance.

Tammy and I have had some great conversations and for anyone not using SKYPE..sign up's a wonderful way to stay in touch for

Also, you could use it to call or video me...but truthfully, I would rather write on this blog...
next time I'll tell you about my trip to the Bazaar and my depressing encounter with the Zoo Market....


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  1. I am on Skype, in Turkey they pronounced it Ski pee. Skype is fabulous.