Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So here's my top ten list of things that make me go ..."huh?" about Baku.

1.The toilet...is there something unique about American's physiology...all the poop seems to miss the water flow here.
2. There is hardly anyone with grey hair...all women and lots of men dye their hair...black. This is one of the reasons people look at me. They are just not used to seeing grey hair on anyone.
3. Women are considered "fast" if they smoke...so only men seem to puff away on cigarettes.
4. The meat hanging in the windows is non-descriptive to me...looks like skinned cattle.
5. Spinach and cabbage seem to the only winter/early spring vegetables.
6. The men smoke in elevators and also do number 10 in elevators too...Yuck!
7. In the gym no one but me returns the weights to the racks.
8. Russians love LeBron and Kobe! oh, yeah Dwayne Wade too.
9. There is no litter in the center of city but plastic bags (I've collected nearly 30 in 2.5 weeks from just my grocery, etc shopping) they seem to love but you'll see them floating around the street.
10. Like the Chinese, they (men only) seem to enjoy spitting where and whenever they can.

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