Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26

This may have been a wonderful holiday season for the Azeris but I can imagine a time (other than Federal Budget not signed) that the entire US would grind to halt for ten days and eat sweets. And, since this is not a hot bed of Christianity, the government has ordered everyone and everything back to work on Sunday...that's an early work week, eh?

Some information about the country...Azerbaijan is about the size of Indianan, with 9 of the recognized climate zones..I understand this is rare for any country of this size to have that type of variation. Baku, the capital, has about 2M residents and if the USSR still existed it would be the fifth largest city. To the north of the city, well I guess way north are the Caucasus mountains..and Caucasus is an Arabic word meaning "mountain of many languages" since back in the real day...well, you get it. So how the word Caucasus ended being the identifiable term for white folks is another issue I'll explore in a later post. One of the main reasons this nation is so secular is thanks/no thanks to the Russian occupancy for 70 years. In the late "20's the Russian changed the alphabet from traditional Arabic to Cyrillic letters which effectively cut the Azeris off from the traditional Islamic culture..

I purchased some dried kiwi slices today...quite tasty.

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  1. This is not the only Sweets holiday. Get ready for Bayram the sweets Holiday in celebration of the end of Ramadan. Not as complete a shutdown, but a big one none the less.