Sunday, April 26, 2009

My return to Baku

It was great to be home in Carlisle for those ten days...Tammy, Sierra and Dakota were all glad to see me..and the pets Scout, Bailey and April too. Tammy had a quite a list of "honey do things" for between the rain drops Dakota and I painted the rear porch, cleaned out the basement (lots of paint cans) and did a bunch of other things around the house. Tammy and I also had a great day trip into Philly...and just had some fun time together. It was hard to leave but we'll all looking forward to our family vacation in London...we'll meet there in June after the kids are done with school.

So arriving back in Baku...I know many of you have travelled around the world and lived for periods of time in various places too...and so have I have but I must say it is rather challenging here for lots of reasons....and let's just say I'm doing all I can to stay healthy and minimize my exposure to environment risks. However, the Azeris desire to capitalize on their oil revenues like many countries...everything else is considered collateral damage worth the growth...air, water, resources, construction safety, etc, etc....but no need to scare any of you. Don't worry...I'm being very smart about my day to day existence.

We'll start admitting students for the School of International Affairs this week...and that should be interesting as this inaugural class is going to be very geographically diverse...

I hope to be out and about with the camera in the next week...and begin to post more photos...and for those of you who've asked about writing, packages, etc...forget about it...the residential service is almost non-existinct, too expensive via Fed-X or just email me via this blog....


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  1. Janice,
    When will you be in London? We're taking the girls and will meet up with Kit Kinports and Steve Ross in early June. I hope we can see you while we're there.