Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling better

I've been sick for a few days since returning...but a co-worker's sister is a doctor and recommended two over the counter things..seems like all drugs are over the counter here..umm. Anyway..didn't have the nerve to break the glass vial, mix with h2o and drop into my nose..so I opted for the other drug a script....well four doses seems to have cured me...and I would rather not know what the drug is...likewise, the Azeri version of Theraflu....which is some Russian product...I would rather not know either..but feeling better.

So I have not been out and about....but I did prevent my water from being turned off...seems like with everything else here..you don't get a bill...you're just expected to remember to go pay it every couple of months....so let's see..you don't get a cell phone bill, an electric bill, a cable bill, or an internet access bill...you just have to remember....and since i don't have gas yet...i don't get a gas bill either...

Life in Baku....

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