Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Education in Azerbaijan

On Feb 2nd..I conducted a presentation at SSAC (State Students Admissions Committee). I've talked a little about how this organization operates as a combination of the US organization like Education Testing Service (ETS) and US Department of Education. At the nexus, SSAC basically administers the standardized tests to BA, MA, civil service jobs, etc., etc....In my role here I've worked with them to set up the entrance test of ADA...and as promised I conducted a presentation there titled Higher Education in the United States, Admissions Decision Making Models and ADA (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy). I went the additional step of havaing all of my Power Point slides transcribed into Azeri so it would be much easier for them to follow along. I presented in English with simultaneous translation. It was great and they loved it...

See the link to their website posted last night.

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