Monday, February 8, 2010

Make sure to replace batteries in your smoke detector

So I thought I knew, I mean really knew what if felt like to be helpless....well, not until Sunday morning. My US cell phone rang (which means someone calling from the states around 7:30 am EST), Tammy was hysterical on the phone...saying that the house was on fire and the fire company just arrived. I can tell you that my heart stopped and I nearly collaspsed. But thank God my manic personality and quick action by our 13 year old...saved the day.

Tammy left a candle burning on the nightstand (don't ask why she had a candle burning at 7 am but she's always loved candlelight) and went downstairs to the kitchen, the curtain ignited, table lamp...she heard the smoke alarm go off and after figuring out she really had not started cooking yet...ran back upstairs to the flames, Dakota now out of bed, remembered that the fire extinguisher was in the mud room closet...ran and got it....and they successfully discharged it.
Fire department still came to make sure....sprayed more chemicals, tossed the night stand and other items out the window (thank goodness they opened the window first) into 20 inches of snow.

All I can say..God is great...and I'm glad I changed the batteries when I was home and glad I'm the only person I know (until now---since I hope many of you will go out an purchase one) who actually has fire extinguishers in the house. Everyone is safe, family, animals...not much destruction...that I will just be painting in March when I'm home and hugging everyone really tight and likely I'll buy more extinguishers. Tammy went to get the used one recharged today.

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