Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Post in February

Another month has come to an end on my time in Baku. I think I've learned to read my cycle's always in the eight week or so that I get the blues. And, I think one thing that even nearly a year of living here and now after twenty months of coming here...I think it's the sheer constant uncertainty that gets too me...and it's the culmination of the little things go to the grocery store, all the stuff on the shelves is different

..whole blocks of buildings that were there with stores, suddenly leveled

..lucky I have 5 gallons bottles of drinking water....some days water is on ...some days it's not

..electricity the same

..each day a new person appears at the academy (who knew we were hiring)

..I must be just sleep pattern is completely gone...bummer

Hope your day(s) is better than mine...

Photo is the the church that I've been going too...not sure what denomination, Christian of some sort...sermon in Azerbaijan, translated into Russian and someone in the audience will translate into English...

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