Saturday, April 17, 2010

first saturday in town in a month......

There is quite a bit of research with the transition countries...that's what the term is for the former countries that comprised the USSR and now that they are trying to establish there own market system. Azerbaijan has faired better than many other countries,,,,in this part of the world...the have's have oil or gas....and the have nots have none. Azerbaijan has plenty and coffers are overflowing with reveune to ....and then it gets to spend so many millions and millions of money. The soviet legacy left a culture of uncertainity's like you never no when the rug will be pulled from under I can see how the workers no matter see advoidance. Finally, the level of corruptoin is so widespread. You get lulled into believe that how business is done. The scope is unimaginable for me to comprehend. I'm thinking about using contacts to ship a car back to the US.....why not take advantage of the system.

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