Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Facts....gosh I'll miss hearing these things nightly

China is responsible for 90% of the mining of the world's rare minerals...that go into cell phones, laptops, turbine wind mills....they have promised not to limit production and export...but the Chinese government announced today that they will regulate the tonnage.

India has become the world's leading surrogate baby production site. Americans, there we go again, are paying on average $5,000 to female villagers to carry their children...

I am sick, suffering yet again from another bout of bronchitis. Luckily my US Dr. gave me some antibiotics for various infections, intestinal distress, and now this...I just feel like this environment especially the air is generally not good for one's health....I guess you need look no further than the average life span at 58 to understand this. Also, I see why my colleagues and others who can afford it....either shortly before or immediately after giving birth will head to a EU Germany or England to spend the first few months of their newborn's life....makes you go ummmm, huh?

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