Saturday, October 2, 2010

New additions to the apartment building

Okay..I understand why people get screens installed ...only to have them blow, that seems like it was only experiences! You should know by now that everytime I return to Baku the "uncertain of what to expect" is always quite high...even arriving at night the drive in from the airport shows you something that wasn't there when I left...
Well, I needed to look no further than the balconies in my apartment building...ironwrought....ummmm can't figure out other than "look I have money to spend"...what's the purpose but for a society that enjoy a level of consumerist voyerism that I thought was only a disease that creates spoiled rotten Americans...WRONG....the iron works on the 10th floor...guess one more thing to get crushed by in an earthquake...oh, yeah, the white box to the left is the gas hot water heaters and the yellow box is the gas dispenser...all of which are on the outside of the apartments for safety....ummm another issue, ah?

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