Monday, November 30, 2009

70 Days since the end of Ramadan

This means that it is the Quryan Baryabmi holiday, the sacrifice of the animals, though several years ago I understant the president of Azerbaijan asked people to donate blood instead of shedding the blood of sheep. I decided that if I couldn't take the cats, I knew I would have problems with the dead sheep so was able to travel to Istanbul for the long weekend. More on Istanbul and photos in upcoming posts.

So if you could image on the way to the airport Friday, small herds of sheep were about town with their faces turned away from the slaughtering rack. I guess they have an aversion to seeing one of their brethren butchered and skinned. Who wouldn't?

Arriving back into Baku today, now there are bags of wool all over town....ugh


  1. No, actually, it was not the President, but Sheikh-ul-Islam, and he asked some overreligious people who shed their blood on Ashura (not Gurban bayrami) by whipping themselves, not to do that, but to donate blood to hospitals. And frankly, it worked. You can't see bloody Maharram ceremonies here in Azerbaijan, almost ;)

  2. Thanks for the correction and the informaton but did anyone tell the fleshy remains of sheep and those sheep shaking in the corners that "don't worry your blood need not be shed".