Monday, November 9, 2009

Who knew it was so difficult to visit Russia?

I've been invited to attend a conference on get this..."College and University rankings in Central Asia". I guess US News and World Report wants to find new markets. The conference is going to be next week in Moscow.

As an American citizen, coming from Baku, I am only permitted to be in Russia for two days, which is fine given that's how long the conference is. I have to complete two major applications, two photos, proof of insurance, and list all the countries I have visited in the last ten years and a list of all organizations including charitable that I belong to or donate to. Also, the names of my last three supervisors including phone numbers. If this wasn't enough, the two day visa is $250 USD.

Oh, since I'm still technically an "illegal alien" here in Azerbaijan, I have to get legal first, this may happen this week....we'll see. But I guess even with all these hurdles I will try my best to go, since I doubt if the chance to go to Moscow will EVER come again...

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