Friday, November 13, 2009

Little early morning excitement

No, it's not what you might think. This morning around 3 am Baku time, my heating system cut off and just from the sound I thought blown fuse in the apartment or electrical black out (which does happen occassionally here)...I got up immediately, threw on some jeans and thought grab my passport, emergency cash fund, cell, laptop and exit the building. I stopped to look out the window (I'm on the 9th floor of 15th and there are three similar highrises in my complex)...the doormen/security are running through the courtyard, parking lot. I have never seen these guys even walk fast so I knew something was up. I could see flames reflecting off the ground floor of the windows on the building opposite seems that a fire occurred in the main generator room...I would rather not see that wiring system.

Electricity, water, including toilets were off ....and since the Academy is on the same power grid...everything was cancelled there today...ADA put me up in nice local hotel for the evening maybe two, maybe three depending on how look it takes to to get the services back....the little food that I had in my freezer...all those wonderful blanched carrots and stringbeans...bummer...

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