Monday, November 15, 2010

Emma, China and no sheep sightings

To avoid the sheep slaughter thing....I hung out with Emma (see posting from few days ago) and helped her feed her band of cats. For two hours, she diligently and with care scrapped raw meat from bones (I think mutton) and feed various segments of internal organs to her band of 10 cats. In our non-verbal communication...she speaks Azerbaijani and Russian, she explained to me their names and a little about her life. I gather she's in her 70's and before Azerbaijan's independence...she was a heart specialist and her husband a university professor. And, she's been caring for the cats at this apartment complex (she doesn't live there) for several years.
I was quite touch and at times flooded with tears...her kindness and indeed, our collective helplessness with regard to these animals was at times overwhelming...

Oh, China...did you know that in 2009, China used more steel than the US, European Union and Japan...and in the same year, more cellphones were sold in China than the entire world combined....that's one way to temper my emotions about the lives of Baku's street cats....

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