Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Globalization makes the world flatter than even Friedman proffered

If N. Korea has a modern uranium facility...the question is how did it get it? Well, the going theory in the part of the world...Pakistan helped...and if they did it means that transport likely occured through China which makes them likely complicit.
Largest heroin seizure ever in Nigeria nearly 300 lbs...was discovered in Lagos port in a shipment of machine parts from Iran....most of the drugs were probably destined for Europe or USA.
Finally, my last tidbit...it may seem counterintuitive...but appreciate items you'll find in the US that say Made in China. Here's why...think of three levels of factories in China turning out goods...one factory makes goods destined for the US and Western Europe, another factory makes products that is sold in places like Azerbaijan (yes, most of the items here are also made in China), then there are the factories that manufacture items that are actually sold to the citizens of China...now let me guess which factory's product you want on your back....

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