Friday, November 26, 2010

Global facts and 633 days in Azerbaijan

Today marks my 633rd day in Azerbaijan..well could be one or two more...I've lost count..
Global facts:
Climate change...saw a report is relatively cold in Moscow even during the's a little 2009 there were 0 days above 30 C (which is about 86 F)...get 2010 there were 30 days of 30 or above. The toll on human life and forest fires was enormous....the Russian don't really know how to handle this heat...even the famous and amazing Moscow Metro does not have air conditioning.

Other fact...Nigeria has 150 million people..nearly 16 million in the city of Lagos alone. To put that in comparison...okay, what 305 million in the US--give or take a few million and in
Azerbaijan there is 9 million people...

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