Friday, November 12, 2010

Hang Homosexuals

This was the headlines in an Ugandian newspaper twice over the last few weeks. The Rolling Stone (no connection with the more famous pub in the US) listed the names of 100 gay and lesbian with a banner statement of 'hang them'. It was several months ago that the Ugandian Parliamentary considered a bill that would give gay people the death penalty in the country. There was international outcry, including the US government, and the elected officials backed down but I'm sure the issue to kill will be rekindled in the future. In the meantime, the editor of the paper (I saw an interview with him on BBC) is adament as were the average person on the street in Kamapala...there is no place for this abberation in Ugandian society so eliminate it/them.
My dilemna is that I have been providing assistance to our lone Ugandian student here at the academy and I'm struggling with it. I have not engaged him in any conversation regarding this issue and now with only three weeks remaining here. Is every moment an opportunity for a teachable moment?

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