Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hungarian Embassy and Church

Went to a reception at the Hungarian Embassy in Baku...the Ambassador welcomed everyone but other than that nothing else...but the food was tasty. I goobled down as much meat as I could since that's what I miss the most. I've been a vegetarian here for the last few weeks...which is good for everyone who wants it..but give me a steak!

Decided to visit the church today. I say the church since I have not seen another symbol of Christianity here at all..and even this church has no crosses, no nothing that suggests it's a church other than the building, tower, etc. It was a German Lutheran Church that for whatever reason it was not destroyed during Soviet occupation. Now it seems that various faiths rent it out for services. It is just by luck that I happened upon it last spring.

The service is conducted in Azerbaijan, translated from the pulpit in Russian and usually there is someone seated in the audience (us, ex-pats sit there) who then translates into English. As you can imagine most of what is going on is "loss in translation".

What I'm most in awe with is the hundreds of attendees. Remember this country is 90% Shiite muslim, though wonder how anyone who actually believes in Jesus Christ as their savior makes it here....I guess like me...they have faith in something to get them through each day.

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