Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Barber

Went to get a haircut and my barber Navid, who gives me an amazing scissor and straight edge razor cut, inspite of our mutual inability to speak the same language, he and the other barbers let me know they saw me on the tv show. Here's a picture of him in case you forgot...

After cutting my hair, they insisted I stay and have multiple cups of tea and sweets...I hung out and like any barber shop in the US...or hair was a hoot. I wished them Happy New Year, likewise from them and bid them goodbye for a few weeks.


  1. Dear Janice, I understand how much you adore your barber, but the place you are visiting is actually a barber's for men. That is, in Azerbaijan, women's and men's hairdressers are segregated and women go to so-called "beauty salons" ;)

  2. Dear Livlivs Maximvx...thank you for your continuing sexist views.

  3. Janice, Max is probably the least sexist guy in Azerbaijan! Really, you should meet him... ;)