Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Affair with the Azerbaijani Media

The media coverage of both the Academy, me personally and my role with the Academy has been overwhelming the entire time I've been here. I understand, heck this is a relatively small country 8 million, with the majority living here in the capital-Baku. There are several public, state owned and private TV stations, internet new agencies, newspapers and magazines all eager to get "the breaking story". Yes, the breaking story consists of the innovative and very different education the Academy is offering, but also the person behind (or in front) is also a breaking story...especially, if they are a woman, American and African-American, with gray hair. So I have done my fair share of interviews, press conferences, and article writing...but last week was a first for me. I was on their morning talk show...think Good Morning aired lived!

My assistant and our admissions counselor Gunay (it was her wedding I attended back in August--see that post), who is an amazing simultaneous translator accompanied me. It was fun and I remembered to keep it light and fun as the anchor played with her hair....following the segment I asked to take a picture with them..Mehman Mediyev is on my left and Gunay (very popular name here) Nazarova is on my right.

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