Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chilling Article I read today about Azerbaijan

I assume many of us are familiar with the practices in many countries where families prefer to have male babies. Well, I'm experiencing this first hand here in a society where gender defineds just about everything you can and will do. Because people earn so little to begin with, penisions (think Social Security) are next to nothing in terms of money. I've talked before how it's only the fortunate young people who can afford to live on their own vs. in a multi-generational household that most Azeris live in even after marriage or birth of children. Many aged parents depend and expect on their adult male children for lifelong support.

Okay, yes there is a respect of elders that is quite different than the indifference many elders are faced with in the US...but here, clearly having a male child makes financial viability that much more the article I read today, spoke to the increase number of abortions of girl fetuses once the sex is known at the three month mark. First, I am definitely pro-choice but this practice is likely going to send the country (look what China's one child policy and preference for male children did to it's demographics and government policies) into some demographic nightmare in the future. In part due to this practive of selective birthing....the % of girl children is already dropping...that's not a good thing for a country trying to become more important in the global community.

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