Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Earthquake in Haiti

Did you hear about the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti...for several reasons I have been very emotional about it...

1) I have many Haitian friends who have family there and I can only imagine what they are feeling.
2) I realize that living in a quake prone place like Azerbaijan...if a major quake hits I'm likely a goner...especially if I'm in my apartment or even our campus. Building codes are non-existent here. I guess I would try to make it to the US Embassy and wait for the Chinooks to fly in from Afghanistan to rescue me. You think?
3) Can Haiti stand many more natural or man-made disasters? The population of that tiny island, estimated at 9 M, is 1 M more than the entire population of Azerbaijan...that amazed me.
4) Fragile infrastructures permit innocent people to die. It could happen here in Azeribaijan. Where will the food and water supplies come from, let alone the heavy machinery to lift the collasped rumble off of those trapped?
5) Even with my stash of USD in my apartment, if disaster strikes here in AZ...the airport will much for my one way ticket out of town.
6) Inspite of what we think and feel about America and even the horrific aftermath of Katrina...the government does work better than most in protecting us all...

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