Monday, January 11, 2010

Whew, what a flight back to Baku

After nearly 30 hours and a 9 hour time difference, heavy snow in Frankfurt (delaying flight for 2 hours) and scare of lost luggage I arrived back in my Baku apartment. I originally thought I would go to work on Monday, but I stayed up until 3 am, took a mild sleeping pill and woke at 2pm on Monday afternoon.

Rather than head to the office, I decided to use the day to organize myself, unpack, do laundry and endore my new food booty that I brought back with me. I'm loving all my goods including the fresh stringbeans, baby carrots and cheese...

My last day in Philadelphia was spent having a fabulous BBQ dinner at Favorite Dave's with family and's a picture of me with Tammy, Sierra and Dakota, Justin and little Jackson....


  1. WE have ways of dealing with snow here in the is cold out here and all i want now is a fur coat...beaver...mink or some other cuddly animal. missing you is like a day without sunshine.tolerable but empty...enjoy all the food that you havae but come home soon for some fried chiken. mashed potatoes amd grilled asparagus...along with a nice bottle of wine

  2. your fry bird is worth a 40 flight any for the fur, yes, there are some beautiful ones here....may I'll find a TJ Max and catch a sale