Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walking around Baku today

After catching up on some apartment cleaning...I did a few errands today. I decided that I was eating way too many of the Pepperidge cookies I brought back from the US, so I gave two boxes away. One to my barber, Navin and another to the woman who works at the front desk at the gym I go too.

One thing that always amazes how quickly businesses and/or residential dwelling come and go here. In just the three weeks I was away three of the businesses that I have been patronizing have closed. And, builiding (houses) demolished....there seems to be no plan about city development or infrastructure building.....

I realize I'm living in their society and their culture but it is still hard to wrap my brain around their values. Somtimes I think I must accept their status quo and in many ways I do and have...but somethings are unmistakably just absurd to me. It doesn't help that I'm reading a book called Absurdistan...which many believe is a spoof on this's hysterical...

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