Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon over Baku tonight

I love looking at the night sky and miss that about my little town of Carlisle Pennsylvania. You can see the night sky so well there...little pollution, including light pollution...but even in the big cities of the US you can occassionally see the divine lights of the night...stars, planets, etc.

Here in Baku, you almost never see any night sky...okay...I don't make it an habit of being out late enough to see the darkness but you would expect to see some night twinkles...never. I have been dismayed at my inability to see stars...and it's not the first thing that people talk about here celestial events. So imagine my surprise when I arrived back in the apartment tonight and could see the moon from my window...this is a first in nearly 11 months...


  1. What a nice view; mercifully you can see the moon without thinking about how cold it is outside (here about minus 20 C). Enjoy the moon!

  2. What's amazing is that I could actually see the moon means the air quality was good..