Monday, July 13, 2009

DVD's and cooking gas

Well, finally, finally, the gas hook up was completed today and I now have gas to cook with. I see how easy it is to take gas lines and safe hook up for granted. But here gas explosions have been quite frequent and of course, the police, the government, building owner and a dozen other people were involved in getting the hook up today. So I was able to boil some water (bottled) for pasta tonight. Yeah. I am firmly in the mindset that the "sun never sets on American culture". When Tammy was here, she noticed a sign English DVD's sold here...and I promised her I would check it out. You'll never guess what DVD I purchased there for 1 manat = 1.25 USD...MADEA GOES TO JAIL...yes, a bootlegged Tyler Perry movie....can you believe it! And, it was (I watched it yesterday) a better bootlegged copy than I would find anywhere in the US....

MA to the D E A!

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