Sunday, July 26, 2009


One of my buddies asked about crime here and if I go out at night. Interesting and a extensive answer would take more blog space than I have. The short story is under the Communist regime, if you committed a crime even a mild one you would like imprisoned and sent to some re-training camp. And, now with independence, Azerbaijan with it's sorta-pseudo democracy...I think the same mindset and reality exists. But, unlike America with our "shoot them first since I'm packing" mentality...our love affair and demand to bear arms, does create a different atmosphere vs. a country like this were it is illegal to own guns.

Since I don't really have access to or knowledge of the language, it is hard for me to determine what goes on but I feel safe on the street. I think people tend to be so shocked at seeing me and I also carry myself with an air of confidence...that seems to keep strangers away. I must admit I am growing very weary, not of the daily stares, but when the Azeris react to me not with the understandable curiousity but when their actions make me feel like some animal on display.

I hate it when they do that...and I now find myself grown completly annoyed and weary by their actions to the point I'm snapping back in some colorful English...whether they understand, I don't care.

I think it's the only way I can keep some sense of my true existence and not let them diminish me further....

Finally, I may have mentioned that I am basically an undocumented worker here...the process to legitimize my employment is crazy....they have no privacy laws here and I'm starting to feel like I don't want this government to know so much about me since I'm only working for a limited time period....

Sorry if I sound negative's been a rough weekend....and as you know my window screens blew out...damn mosquitos are like F-16 fighter jets...hopefully, the screen guy will come tomorrow...oh, yeah, I don't go out at night...the streets and roads are so bad...and without street could easily break an ankle or get hit by a I'd rather stay in watch BBC, CNN, ESPN and Skype Tammy and the kids...

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