Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tammy, Intestinal Distress and Cable Wires Cut Again

Hey Friends and Family,

Sorry I've been off line for the last few days. Tammy just left today..she told me say "she hated it here" but truthfully, I think she was right of center on all things Baku. Understandably, since as I've stated before...for those cosmopolitan types..this isn't Paris, London or even Kansas.

Here's a couple of pictures...and I'll (and likely she will too) have more to say on her visit in future posts...

But check this out...once again I'm dealing with THE CABLE issue...on day two of being back in Baku, Tammy and I expected to follow more news on MJ's death...blank took me all of two minutes to realize...the FREAKING CABLE WIRES have been cut again. Now for those of you new to my will find several weeks of cable drama in the archives...I just can't believe this has happened again....and I'm paying for this lack of service.

Second, earth shattering or toilet flushing drama...I've never really talked about this as you know we, Americans are rather tight lipped on scat stuff...but during my months here I have been prone to (and I'll say it politely) intestinal distress...I just chalked it up to "whatever". But Tammy so distinctly pointed out to me the flaw in the chicken roasting apparatus where I have routinely purchased a whole cooked chicken for 5 manats ($7)...the cooked chickens are placed under the currently cooking chickens, thus, enabling the drippings to drip downward on the chickens to purchase. I guess Whole Foods, Wegmans, and even Wal-Mart reverse the stacking order to spare the consumer from samonella, etc.

So now I know.....I guess I'll be avoiding the roasted chickens from now on...bummer.....

I hope everyone is well...and thanks for checking in on me and as always keeping me and my family in your prays....


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