Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Exhausted

Geez, am I the only person sweating in this country. The temperature has been 85-95 the last few days, with the humidity nearly as high. Thankgoodness the AC in my apartment works and in the office too. We have had some "brown outs"..but everyone is running AC everywhere.

Plus, the other exhausting thing but I finally given in...the society here is really what you would describe a cash culture. Since they don't have the US proliferation of loans, credit cards, lending, etc...everything is cash. This also makes the corruption, underground market and pay-off system so much more effective and widespread. I've decided it will help my "being in Baku" if I tip the post office lady, always carry small bills, and recognize that most folks here don't make they all have a hustle thus, I should be willing to help them hustle as it will help me.

Tammy just mailed a box of CD's and other things to me....let's see if the tipping at the PO helps.

Oh, yes, members of the USA Olympic Wrestling team are here in Baku for a tournament this know you're desperate when you plan on going and chanting "USA, USA".....maybe I'll get an autograph.

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