Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zoo Market Part 2...Danger, danger Will Robinson!

This spring I wandered into the local bazaar and was surprised by the Zoo Market, which I described as a small store that had critters of all types cramped into cages for sale. I was particularily horrified by the Huskie that seemed to be mis-shapened from the obvious confinement in such a tiny, who volunteered at animal refugee centers and sends $ to animal rights orgs....I quickly had to exit the place. That was in March.

I can't begin to explain the feral cat problem on the streets of Baku...but briefly, in the spring tons of pregnant cats, they disappear and give birth, and in June..kittens (adorable, of course), in can see the results of "survival of the strong"...sickly, malnourished and dehydrated kittens stumbling to death...I can only try avoiding them and try not to be haunted at night.

If that's not enough...and trust me it is....last Saturday, I wandered back to the bazaar in search of a extension cord (yes, they sell everything there) my shock the Zoo Market has expanded and now spills out into a courtyard, etc....where dozens and dozens of cages with dogs, cats, monkeys, baby ducks, baby rabbits, chicks, pigeons, (there may have been more) but enough was enough and I fled.....

I think for someone like me and anyone with love and empathy for furry, feathered, scaled creatures....this is a hard place to be...but don't get me completely wrong...I have seen an occassional dog being walked who clearly is cared for...but that is the exception.

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