Wednesday, May 27, 2009

104 degrees


just found out that the average temperature in August is just that...and those in the know says it's worst than DC in those of you planning a summer getaway to Baku better think October or May...I'm gonna be miserable...hence, the big deal about screens. Oh, yeah, the screen guy is supposed to replace the blown screens tomorrow...Inshallah!

I'm off tomorrow...yippee...I don't think I've ever worked so many days straight in my life. And now my two week count down to meeting Tammy and the kids in London starts and then home to Carlisle for another ten days....

But before that what have I learned today....China gets 59% percent of its' oil from Azerbaijan...can you believe that. At the same time looking to partner in building a HUGE, HUGE natural gas pipeline to southern Europe...the Europeans really depend on Azeri gas....

It's easy to overlook what's happening in the US..but not with the family..Sierra hit the game winning shot in her club BB game, Dakota is proving he is still quite the talented goalie, but he hates it....Tammy is getting ready to turn 45 on June please send her a birthday wish...

Tamara Storey 448 N. College Street Carlisle, PA
A card would be nice but if not, send her an email...since I'm not there she's a little bummed..but shhhh...I have a surprise planned...and luckily she doesn't read janiceinbaku.

I would appreciate the shout out to her and I KNOW she really would..

Many thanks,

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