Thursday, May 28, 2009

Republic Day May 28th

This is the day the Azerbaijan first declared independence in 1918 at the collapse of the Russian Empire but the Azeri Republic (the first in this region) only lasted two years before the USSR reinvaded and occupied for 70 years. At the fall of the USSR in 1992, the country decided to start celebrating the date again, so it's a national holiday. I'm off from work.

Photo is a fancy mall that I visit the restaurant every Saturday for a cup of filtered coffee..yeah, and a free read of the Azeri newspapers translated into English.

Oh, news that I heard today...did you know (bet you didn't) that Levi Strauss has a huge manufacturing plant in some town (too hard to remember the name) in the Ukraine where production of jeans is at 110% level...beating corporates expectation...800 people are employed so the industry is crucial to the town, etc....well, the leaders in San Fran headquarters for Levi..just announced the closing of the plant (bet you didn't hear this in the US) and the town is the Ukrainian economy is barely holding on anyway....the world is truly flat.

Bet the label on your 501's (and mine) don't say made in the Ukraine...

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