Friday, May 15, 2009

The week that was

I've admitted and rejected my first Azerbaijani applicants this week. I must say they don't handle rejection well...of course, no one does but these young people have never been rejected from anything before...just like they don't pay for any education, including college BA or MA.
I've been urging my boss that part of the job of admissions is to deftly handle the rejected folks as well as you handle the accepted. Let's see how many show up to bitch to me on Monday...good thing...when they are very excited they tend to yell loudly in Azeri (as does everyone I work with) I won't understand what my frustrated rejects are saying anyway.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that my psychological and physical tolerance seems to begin to wane at the 3.5 week mark ...this cycle has repeated itself. I am looking forward to meeting Tammy and the kids in London on June 11th..

Oh, yeah, I'm now teaching english to a surgeon two hours a week...not bad..he's the bro-in-law of one of my co-workers...he wants to spend three months at the Cleveland Clinic learning a surgical techinque...he travels 30 miles each way to meet with me....better him then me..

Have a nice weekend...I'll update soon...

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