Friday, May 22, 2009

Damn potato salad never tasted so good!

Okay..I went to the BBQ..and I met the other 20 or so Americans here in Baku, including again saying hello to the US Ambassador Anne Derse who was in attendance. Grilled chicken..guess there really is no BBQ sauce in town, but didn't matter. Standing in the charcoal smoke actually felt refreshing. Also, now I know where the elite about serious gated, but it could have been in Arizona, So Cal, or the burbs of VA...kinda of scary that all those communities look the same.

Saturday I'm joining two Fulbrighters on a drive to a rural village..pop. 1800 ..known for I'll be sure to take photos...and post them. Oh, yeah, this was kinda of cool the Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke to the new graduating class of young diplomats...I've met him before last fall and he made a point of saying hello to me again. I guess the equivalent would be to meet US Secretary of State...Clinton...I had my Obama First Family t-shirt on today...he smiled...yes, they all like Obama here!


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